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by Father Charles Joanides

Divorce & Remarriage 2The articles in this resource focus upon themes of marriage and divorce.  The first three articles address premarital and marital counseling themes.  Articles four through nine address marital conflict and divorce.

The article entitled "Recovering from Divorce" addresses issues divorced persons encounter in their efforts to find personal, family, and religious and spiritual stability and well-being after divorce.  The final article entitled "Remarriage and Step-Family Challenges" provides information related to couples who are entering a second marriage.  This article also outlines many of the key challenges that couples encouter when they remarry and form step families.

This book is ideal for spouse and couples considering divorce, as well as persons who are either going through the divorce process or have obtained a divorce.  It can be purchased by calling the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese's Religious Educatoin Department at 800-566-1088.


book-when-you-intermarry12.gifIntermarried couples from different Christian and cultural backgrounds encounter unique challenges that single-church, single-cultural couples do not face.

When You Intermarry describes these challenges from the perspective of hundreds of couples who participated in the Interfaith Marriage Research Project.

When You Intermarry is an especially useful tool for intermarried couples who have some level of connection to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America or some other Orthodox jurisdiction. It is available on, Light & Life Publishing or by calling the bookstore at Hellenic College Holy Cross at 1-800-245-0599.


ministeringcover-smb.gifThis resource has been written for clergy and lay professionals who work with intermarried couples. It was also written to be used with my first book entitled - When You Intermarry.

Both books provide information from hundreds of intermarried couples, Archdiocese wide, who participated in the Interfaith Research Project. Ministering to Intermarried Couples features a hands-on pastoral approach that can be used with the intermarried population across the marital and family life cycle. It also deals with issues related to conversion, premarital preparation, marital challenges, parenting, extended family challenges, as well as the topic of effective outreach. Since our faithful are intermarrying at increasingly high numbers, clergy and lay professionals who read this book will find it helpful in their work with all couples, especially intermarried couples.

It is available on, or by calling the bookstore at Hellenic College Holy Cross at 1-800-245-0599.


backcover-thrid-book-2smd2.gifWhether you are a couple preparing to marry, are newly married, or are past the newlywed stage, you will find this resource to be very useful in your efforts to reclaim the love you have lost or to protect the love you still enjoy. This book combines down-to-earth examples, cutting edge research and the author's Orthodox Christian perspective to assist you and your partner to attend to your marriage and its needs. The author callsu up his extensive experience as a pastor, therapist and educator in writing this valuable resource.

It is available from Light and Life Publishing.


When Russia Came to Stay by Lea Povozhaev

When Russia Came to StayWhen Russia Came to Stay is a story of a family's journey into Orthodox Christianity. The author clearly documents numerous serious inter-Christian and intercultural challenges that both she and her Russian born husband, Dima, encounter in their efforts to bring together two different backgrounds. The couple’s efforts to struggle with personal, couple, family and extended family challenges hold the reader’s attention. As the story unfolds, one wonders how the couple will bridge their many differences. Engaged couples from different religious and cultural backgrounds as well as intermarried couples should profit from reading this Christ-centered story. I enthusiastically endorse this book and recommend it to anyone interested in how religious and cultural differences can challenge and strengthen persons, couples and families:  to God’s glory and their salvation.