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When You Intermarry

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A Resource for Inter-Christian,
Intercultural Couples, Parents
and Families

by Father Charles Joanides


book-when-you-intermarry7.gif Intermarried couples from different Christian and cultural backgrounds encounter unique challenges that single-church, single-cultural couples do not face. When You Intermarry describes these challenges from the perspective of hundreds of couples who participated in the Interfaith Marriage Research Project.

This resource is ideal for engaged couples, newlyweds, and all other intermarried couples across the marital and family life cycle. Those reviewing its contents should find it to be an invaluable resource that seeks to promote and enhance individual, marital and family well-being. Clergy should also find it a useful tool in their own efforts to minister to this growing population of faithful. When You Intermarry is an especially useful tool for intermarried couples who have some level of connection to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America or some other Orthodox jurisdiction.

It is available on, Light & Life Publishing or by calling the bookstore at Hellenic College Holy Cross at 1-800-245-0599.