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Attending To Your Marriage

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It’s not easy being married today.  But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, since we all know lots of couples who are happily married. It’s just harder than it’s been at other times. As a result, this section of the Interfaith Marriage Web site is intended to help you protect and strengthen your marriage in the divorce culture in which we live.

Two Couple

In addition, sometimes couples become so conflicted that they are unable - on their own - to reverse certain unhealthy patterns that are causing them to slip-slide toward marital dissatisfaction and marital meltdown. If this last statement relates to you, and you find yourself in a troubled marriage, here are a few suggestions that I highly recommend you prayerfully act upon.

  • Consider consulting your pastor, or an experienced marriage friendly couple’s therapist. Often, conflicted spouses need this type of expertise to help them turn things around. You should also keep this in mind. Doing nothing will generally only make it harder for you to address the challenges that are pulling you apart.

  • Strong Marriage

    Consider reading Fr. Charles Joanides' latest book entitled, Attending to Your Marriage: A Resource for Christian Couples. This book contains a great deal of helpful information that can assist mildly conflicted couples make some needed changes. Seriously conflicted couples should also find the information useful, but not entirely sufficient in helping them address their challenges. For more information about this book, or to order a copy, simply click on this link.



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