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General information for the services offered by the Department of Internet Ministries

How Do I Request the Setup of Free Web Space for my Parish?

Simply fill out our Services Request Form and we will get back to you with the information you will need to get started.

How Do I Get Our Website Listed in the Archdiocese's Online Parish Directory?

The parish information in the online directory ( is maintained by the Chancellor's Office Of the Archdiocese. To update your information, simply send an email to the Chancellor's office at: with the requested changes to your parish's online information.

What Software can I Use to Build my Parish Web Site?

There are several options available to you. If you prefer to code everything by hand, you can do so directly using FTP and a text editor (Notepad, BBEdit, etc.) or web development studio (such as Dreamweaver). Or, if you have less experience developing websites, we can set you up with a Content Management System (CMS). If you really have no experience at all, we have even more options for you! Don't worry, we will help you through the whole process! See our web hosting page for more information.

Can We Use Our Own Domain Name ( With Your Service?

Yes, we fully support parishes who have registered their own domain names. We recommend using any registrar who provides DNS services for free, as this makes the setup process very simple. Some of these include,,, and .

What Would My Parish Web Site Address Be If I Would Prefer Not To Spend The Yearly Cost Of Having A Domain Name?

Your parish web site address would follow the pattern of “www” followed by your parish name, followed by the 2 letter abbreviation of your state, , followed by “”. So if your parish was Saint George in Brockton, Massachusetts, your address could be:

What Technologies do you support?

Here is a brief list:

  • Apache 2.2
  • IIS 8
  • PHP 5.4
  • ASP.NET 4.5
  • ASP VBScript
  • Perl 5.8
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • MySQL Databases
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Microsoft SQL Databases
  • SSL

Please note that full javascript and java support is dependent on the user's web browser and its ability to view/support them.

What Technologies do you NOT support?

The following is a list of technologies that we no longer support.

  • Java Servlets
  • Microsoft Front Page Extensions
  • ColdFusion
  • Microsoft Access Database
  • Shell access (SSH)

How Much Space Do I Have on the Server?

Your parish is given an initial quota of 1 Gigabyte, which can be extended upon request. After the initial 1 Gigabyte, see our pricing chart.

We Don't Have Someone at our Parish who can Build a Web Site. Can your Department do this for us?

Yes, absolutely! We offer several free options for parishes to get you started, and we also offer paid consulting services. Depending on our availability, we provide full web site creation services for $45/hour to parishes, and for $55/hour to non-parish sites.

When will we be billed for our website or services?

Invoices for recurring services (web hosting, live broadcasting, etc.) are sent out in January of each year via email to the listed contact on file or via USPS mail to the parish. For custom development, invoices are sent out as needed at agreed upon times between the Department and the client or when services are rendered if it is not explicitly stated.

Can we install SSL certificates on our site?

Any SSL certificate that uses Apache+OpenSSL can be installed to websites on the Rackspace servers. Please contact the Department of Internet Ministries ( for more information.

Do You Support Multimedia Files Such as QuickTime, RealMedia, and Windows Media?

Yes, we support all industry-standard multimedia formats. For added performance, we also have dedicated RealMedia and QuickTime streaming servers to host your multimedia files. See our pricing page for more information.. Depending on your specific needs, we will work with you to determine the best solution for you.

Do You Support Live Audio and Video Streaming?

Yes, we provide full support for QuickTime and RealMedia audio, video, and multimedia streaming. See our pricing page for more information.

Can I host video on my website?

Technically speaking, video can be hosted on websites hosted by Rackspace in any format. However, we suggest that that each webmaster consider uploading all video to or, and then embed it on their site to reduce the amount of bandwidth that site uses. Should a website go over their bandwidth allocation due to hosting video, this will be brought to the webmaster’s attention and they will be charged proportionally if they choose.