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Not only we are in in the Church, but also the prophets and the apostles and all the saints; and what is most important of all - among us is Jesus Christ Himself, the Master of everything.--St. John Chrysostom

Parenting a Child with Special Needs

God has blessed me with the gift of being a mother. I have one living child, and that child is “special.” This mothering is all I know. I don’t know “normal,” so I can only speak to my own experiences.
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The Orthodox Family in America

This study is a first step toward a better understanding of the particular needs of families. Specifically, it examines how Orthodox families in
America organize
their everyday lives...

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Family Fellowship Night:
Family Heirlooms

Participants will gather to learn more about their fellow parish family members while exploring our heritage as Orthodox Christians.
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Who is Our Family?

TGrowing up, my brother and I didn’t have the benefit of living near our relatives. Although our entire extended family lived on the east coast for most of my childhood, we were at least a day’s drive before we could reach any of them.
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