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Liturgical Living and the Family

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Is it Healthy to Pray?
In the raising of children, parents come to appreciate how important it is to establish firm and gentle routines and rhythms of life. These rhythms of life encompass and help to define things like mealtime, nap and bedtime, playtime, household chores, and time spent together as a family. The wise and loving container provided by these rhythms helps a growing child, together with their caretakers, to develop the capacity for being aware of and regulating physical, emotional, and relational needs and well being. These rhythms help provide a container for healthy development. Click here to read more

The Tale of a Lazy Parent
My husband and I made what I consider in hindsight to be a major mistake in introducing our daughter Katie, now five, to the life of the Church. When she was a toddler, we brought children’s picture prayer books, Bible story books, and religious coloring books with us to services, and encouraged her to sit quietly looking at the pictures or coloring. This allowed us parents to pray and participate in the services, and kept her relatively quiet so those around us weren’t disturbed… she was in Church very regularly, soaking in the smells and sounds of worship, and “learned” about Jesus with materials “appropriate” for her age. These were good things, the right things to do— or so we thought! Click here to read more

Family Worship at Home and in the Church
We are made in the image and likeness of God, we are made for God, we are made to be “doxological” (glorifying) and “eucharistic” (thankful) beings—and this includes children, of course. They cannot be excluded for “convenience” sake or to make a more “prim and proper” worship service. The main concern in church is not to train people to have socially acceptable behavior but to become a true worshipping community gathered around Christ. Everybody worships and glorifies God the way they can. We believe that the Liturgy is an icon of and participation in the Kingdom of God and there will be plenty of children in the Kingdom of God so those who are disturbed by children in our worship services must get used to this fact now! Click here to read more