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Joy of Parenting

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Anna and Theotokos

Multiply Blessed and Fully Alive: To Grow in Faith is to Glorify God
As parents, you know your children better than anyone else. You can interpret their cries, read their body language, decipher their messages. You’ve likely figured out the approaches that will and will not “work” with each of your children. You know that each child is a unique combination of moods, mannerisms, and traits that make him or her like nobody else. This means that all children have their own ways of learning, processing, responding, and growing in the faith. Maybe one of your children peacefully gazes at the icons during a liturgical service, while another is constantly moving... Click here to read more

Underneath Your Child’s Misbehavior
When I ponder the blessings of parenting, I begin with Adam, as written in the book of Genesis, and how the Scriptures describe his walks in the garden with God. How engaged every aspect of his senses must have been with all the beauty he beheld! Can you imagine how every second was full of total presence and mindfulness? Adam must have felt understood in the deepest sense of the word and greatly loved. Click here to read more

Why Connection Counts: Parenting From the Heart
We’ve heard it said that real estate is one of our best investments. According to experts there are three factors that contribute to the value of real estate, as well as helping property maintain its worth during difficult times: location, location, location! As we take a moment to reflect on our parenting efforts and consider viewing our kids as our most valued investment, we find that similar principles apply… Click here to read more