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Growing In Christ

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Christ the Sower

Beginning with God
The birth of a baby is an exciting time! Everyone rejoices when a new life enters the world. There is much to be concerned with as new parents. You now have a life that is totally dependent on you for everything, and you want to do what’s best for your little one. In pursuit of this, you have read all the books about feeding, sleeping, and developing. You’ve done your research, but there is one thing missing from the mainstream “how to be a parent” book—how to help your newborn grow as a child of God. Click here to read more

Practice Makes Permanent
While coaching my daughter’s soccer team a few years back, I invited Katherine, an accomplished high school soccer player, to work with my ten-year-old girls for one practice. After teaching them a trap-and-kick exercise, she gathered the team together and told the girls, “You have to keep practicing this drill, but you must realize that practice doesn’t make perfect.” Several kids raised their hands and replied, “My mom said if I practice my violin, I will become perfect,” or “If I practice my dance steps, I will become perfect….” Click here to read more

The Upbringing of Our Children According to the Holy Fathers of the Church
If someone told you that you would have no problems with your children if you raised them a certain way, would you be interested in learning more? Who wouldn’t? For parents, the upbringing of children is the most important and sacred duty in life. And if we carry out that duty according to the teachings of the Church Fathers, God will help us to raise up Christian children who will be a joy to behold. Click here to read more