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Family Activity Corner: Our Spiritual Memory Book

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Spiritual growth is a family affair. Everyday experiences in an Orthodox family will include baptisms and other church functions. Keep a scrapbook to preserve these memories. Include photos of family members receiving the sacraments (obtain permission from your priest first), your child’s drawings, their comments or stories, their Sunday School class—anything you want. Let everyone contribute something; a toddler can scribble with a crayon. Beautiful, commercially made memory albums can be purchased; however, I have found in my work with children that a loose-leaf notebook with pages slipped into clear sheet protectors is less destructible. These are available in office supply and craft stores. If you are including photos that you do not want little demolition hands to mutilate, be sure to have duplicates, and use acid-free mounting paper and sheet protectors. And remember, these memory books are meant to be looked at and handled, not stored away in a box.

– Taken from Walking in Wonder by Elizabeth White