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Family Activities

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Take The Summer Challenge

Where Does God Go for Summer Vacation? A little girl I know pondered that same question not too long ago. Sarah loved Sunday School; she went every Sunday. She liked being in Church with her parents… but when Summer came- it would all end! Why wasn't there Church? Why wasn't there any Sunday School? Where did her friends go?
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Creating Your Family Shield

We are called to take up the “shield of Faith” (Ephesians 6:16) through sacrifice — by freely placing the needs of our family and of others before our own—and to bring this sacrifice forth before the altar of God. In this activity you will create a “family shield” which celebrates your identity as a family, and discuss how you are called to sacrifice and to serve.
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Family Activity Corner: Our Spiritual Memory Book

Spiritual growth is a family affair. Everyday experiences in an Orthodox family will include baptisms and other church functions. Keep a scrapbook to preserve these memories. Include photos of family members receiving the sacraments (obtain permission from your priest first), your child’s drawings, their comments or stories, their Sunday School class—anything you want. Let everyone contribute…
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Take A Virtual Church Tour

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Finland has put together a virtual reality tour of their church. You can move through the different areas of the church and click on different items for explanation. Sit down as a family and spend some time learning about the church. Pair this activity with…
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Five Activities for Family Fun

  • A Board Game—Play any of the numerous board games out there. Board games are and excellent tools for interaction. Some of our favorites for families are Cranium, Apples to Apples, and Pictionary
  • Music Night—Have each family member play…

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