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Archpastoral Reflections for the “Year of the Family”

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Family Prayer (January 2005)

Like the early Christians, we too are called to cultivate nurturing environments within our own homes that promote a closer, more direct relationship between our family and the Church. This is what is meant by the phrase "connect your family to the Church", which is an important sub-theme for this Year of the Family. How may we take steps to promote environments within our homes that bring our families closer to the Church? Click here to read more

Examples to Strengthen Family on their Lenten Journey (March 2005)

Our Orthodox Christian faith teaches us that God's love is a continuously abiding, healing, and transforming presence in our lives. The love of God accords peace and tranquility to every aspect of our lives, especially within our families, which are called to be communities of care and intimacy that reflect His perfect love. As parents and guardians, we are charged with the task of raising Christian families characterized by the love of God. Though a formidable task at times, we have numerous examples before us... Click here to read more

Family a Vital Source of Spiritual Sustenance (May 2005)

Our consideration of the family as a vital source of spiritual sustenance for its members is enriched by our contemplation of our role as leaders in the vital area of family care. As we have discussed in previous reflection pieces, parents who emphasize prayer, love, and holiness within the home enable their children to navigate the experiences of life while strongly rooted and secured in their faith. In this regard, the leadership role of parents within the family is integral, and absolutely indispensable. Though the leadership role of parents is vital for the cultivation of healthy families, it is equally pressing... Click here to read more

Important Task of Parenting (July 2006)

This month we consider the important task of parenting. As we consider the demanding responsibilities, rewards, and challenges of parenting today, it is worthwhile to reflect upon parental models that inspire confidence and faith. In this effort, we are aided by numerous examples of parents in the Holy Scriptures. These figures are distinguished certainly by their dedication to God, but even more so by their commitment to providing lifelong spiritual nurture and care to their children so that they may mature, discern, and follow the will of God for their own lives. Click here to read more

A Remarkable Time of Activity for Family (August 2004)

Our series of reflections on the family coincides this month with the end of the summer season and the beginning of the school year. This is a remarkable time of activity that naturally leads us to consider vital elements in the cycle of our family lives. Among these elements is the role of the family in maintaining a steady Orthodox Christian learning environment for our children in the midst of an advanced technological society. Click here to read more

Communicating Love in the Family Archpastoral Reflection (October 2005)

Our series of reflections on the family continues this month as we explore the topic of healthy communication. The topic of communication is a particularly important one for families in our contemporary age, where there exists an unprecedented abundance of advanced technologies for virtually instantaneous communication with others across the globe. Despite such great potential for communication, despite the ease with which family members dispersed over wide geographic areas may converse with one another on a regular basis through emails and instant messaging, a very basic yet complex question persists: Do we in fact communicate? Click here to read more