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Direct Archdiocesan District Office of Education

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Provide professional training for all teachers (of Greek and English curricula), guidelines and materials for teaching Greek as a second/foreign language, and the Comprehensive Examination in Modern Greek for the evaluation of student learning.

The District Office of Education serves the parochial day and afternoon schools of the District. It provides curriculum guides and in-service training to the teachers and administrators who serve in these schools in order to enhance their professional knowledge and skills. In so doing, the Office benefits the thousands of students who attend the community schools of the District.

The District Office of Education is also an avid advocate for the New York City parochial day (or faith-based) schools and represents the day schools to the education authorities at the federal, state and city level. Under this capacity, the Office has been instrumental in securing materials and services for the schools that are federally funded. 

The Office is also represented by its director at the New York City Standing Committee of Religious & Independent Schools Officials, which is comprised of representatives of the City's major religious institutions.


Contact Information


Direct Archdiocesan District
Office of Education
8 East 79 Street
New York, NY 10075-0106
Tel.: (212) 570-3552
Fax: (212) 774-0248

Maria Makedon
Tel. 212-570-3553

Eirini Pitidou
Administrative Assistant
Tel. 212-570-3554




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